Two manuscripts accepted! Congratulations to Dezhuang Ye!

We have two manuscripts accepted by the Journal of Controlled Release (Impact Factor: 7.705) and Small (Impact Factor: 8.315), respectively. Our graduate student, Dezhuang (Summer) Ye, is the co-first author of both manuscripts. Congratulations to Summer and the team!

  • Ye DZ*, Sultan D*, Yue YM, Heo GS, Kothapalli S, Luehmann H, Tai YC, Rubin JB, Liu YJ#Chen H#, Focused ultrasound-enabled delivery of radiolabeled nanoclusters to the pons, Journal of Controlled Release (accepted) (*: co-first authors; #: co-corresponding authors)
  • Sultan D*, Ye DZ*, Heo GS, Zhang XH, Luehmann H, Yue YM, Detering L, Komarov S, Taylor S, Tai YC, Rubin JB, Chen H#, Liu YJ#, Focused Ultrasound Enabled Positron Emission Tomography Imaging of Trans-Blood Brain Barrier Delivery Using 64Cu-Integrated Ultrasmall Gold Nanoclusters, Small (Accepted) (*: co-first authors; #: co-corresponding authors)