Welcome to the Chen Ultrasound Laboratory! Our research laboratory combines engineering, biology, and medicine to develop ultrasound techniques for noninvasive, targeted, and personalized brain cancer diagnosis and treatment and for understanding brain functions. Our laboratory is led by Prof. Hong Chen, assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Department of Radiation Oncology at Washington University in St. Louis.

We are looking for 1 Ph.D. student and 1 postdoc to join us in Fall 2020. Please contact Dr. Chen (hongchen@wustl.edu) for more information.

Recent News

Top 100 Oncology paper

By Hong Chen on May 27, 2020

Our publication titled “Focused Ultrasound-enabled Brain Tumor Liquid Biopsy” received 2, 169 art...

Ringing in the new year!

By Christopher Pacia on January 13, 2020

We came together as a lab to celebrate all the past achievements from 2019 and to usher in a new ...