We are hiring!


We are actively looking for highly motivated PhD students, postdocs, and staff scientists to join our dynamic and collaborative lab situated at Washington University Medical School. Our lab is generously funded by the NIH and is dedicated to developing innovative tools for modulating neuron activities, diagnosing brain diseases, and revolutionizing their treatment. Our research endeavors encompass both preclinical and clinical studies, allowing us to make impactful contributions at every stage of scientific investigation.

As a member of our esteemed team, you will assume a crucial role in fostering collaboration among diverse professionals with a broad range of backgrounds. Together, we will conduct pioneering research aimed at pioneering new techniques that enhance our understanding of brain function and ultimately improve the quality of life for individuals affected by brain diseases. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking discoveries and make a tangible difference in the lives of patients.

Join our vibrant team and embark on a fulfilling scientific journey that has the potential to shape the future of brain research and transform patient care. Together, we can make a lasting impact and drive meaningful progress in understanding and addressing brain diseases. Apply now and be part of our team.

Application Method: Interested applicants can submit curriculum vitae to Dr. Hong Chen at hongchen@wustl.edu