Satya Kothapalli

Satya Kothapalli

Satya V.V.N. Kothapalli was a postdoctoral researcher in the Chen Ultrasound Lab from 2016 to 2017. He is currently a Staff Scientist in the Radiology Department at WUSTL. He received Ph.D. in the Department of Medical Imaging at the School of Technology and Health, STH, Royal Institute of Technology-KTH in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015. He earned Master degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis on signal processing at the Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), Sweden in 2010. His research interests include the microbubbles, liposomes and ultrasound and MR guided focused ultrasound for clinical translational research.


List of peer reviewed journal articles

  • Brismar, T. B., Grishenkov, D., Gustafsson, B., Härmark, J., Barrefelt, Å., Kothapalli, S. V., … & Paradossi, G. (2012). Magnetite nanoparticles can be coupled to microbubbles to support multimodal imaging.Biomacromolecules,13(5), 1390-1399.
  • Sciallero, C., Grishenkov, D., Kothapalli, S. V., Oddo, L., & Trucco, A. (2013). Acoustic characterization and contrast imaging of microbubbles encapsulated by polymeric shells coated or filled with magnetic nanoparticles.The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America134(5), 3918-3930.
  • Muhammed, H. H., & Kothapalli, S. V. (2013). Using Ultrasonic Spectrometry to Estimate the Stability of a Dental Implant Phantom.Engineering5(10), 570.
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  • Kothapalli, S. V., Oddo, L., Paradossi, G., Brodin, L. Å., & Grishenkov, D. (2014). Assessment of the Viscoelastic and Oscillation Properties of a Nano-engineered Multimodality Contrast Agent.Ultrasound in medicine & biology,40(10), 2476-2487.
  • Kothapalli, S. V., Daeichin, V., Mastik, F., Brodin, L. A., Janerot-Sjoberg, B., Paradossi, G., … & Grishenkov, D. (2015). Unique pumping-out fracturing mechanism of a polymer-shelled contrast agent: an acoustic characterization and optical visualization.Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, IEEE Transactions on62(3), 451-462.
  • Kothapalli S, V. V. N., Wiklund, M, Janerot-Sjöberg, B, Brodin, L. Å., and Grishenkov, D, Investigation of Polymer-shelled Ultrasound Contrast Agents in Acoustophoresis, submitted to Ultrasonics (2014).

Conference Contributions

  • Kothapalli, V. V. S. N., Grishenkov, D., Brodin, L. Å., & Paradossi, G. (2011). Coded Excitation Technique in Detection of Polymeric-Shelled Ultrasound Contrast Agents: in Vitro Study. In8th International Conference on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies (NN11) 12-15 July 2011, Thessaloniki, Greece.: Workshop: NANOMEDICINE
  • Kothapalli, S. V., & Grishenkov, D. (2012). Optimization of Driving Pulse Envelope in Detection of Harmonic Response from a Lipid-Shelled Ultrasound Contrast Agent. In19th International Congress on Sound and Vibration 2012, ICSV 2012: Volume 3, 2012 (pp. 1882-1889).
  • Kothapalli, S. V., Brodin, L. Å., Grishenkov, D., & Paradossi, G. (2013). Dynamic and Structural Behavior of Magnetic PVA-Shelled Microbubbles: Acoustic Characterization. In2013 Joint UFFC, EFTF and PFM Symposium(pp. 1509-1512).
  • Poehlman, M., Kothapalli, V. V. S. N., Grishenkov, D., Härmark, J., Hebert, H., Philipp, A., … & Fery, A. (2013). Magnetic microbubbles for multimodality imaging: the importance of the shell structure for low and high frequency mechanics. InEuropean Symposium and exhibition on biomaterials and related areas, Euro BioMAT2013 23-24 Apr 2013 Weimar, Germany.
  • Kothapalli, S. V., Faridi, A., Wiklund, M., & Grishenkov, D. (2013). On-chip actuation of polymer shelled microbubbles. InMedicinteknikdagarna, 1-2 October 2013, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Grishenkov, S.V.V.N. Kotapalli, V. Daeichin, F. Mastik, N. de Jong. (2014). Unique Fracturing Mechanism of Polymer Shelled Microbubble: Acoustic Characterization and Optical Observation. In a 20th European Symposium on Ultrasound Contrast Imaging23-24 January 2014Rotterdam, The Netherlands.