Focused ultrasound-mediated liquid biopsy detects biomarkers of neurodegenerative disorders

The Hong Chen lab is developing a noninvasive method for release and detection of biomarkers characteristic of neurodegenerative disorders. Tau proteins in the brain are characteristic of several neurodegenerative disorders, and the Chen Ultrasound lab, along with collaborators, have found that using focused-ultrasound-mediated liquid biopsy, a method known as sonobiopsy, in a mouse model released more tau proteins into the blood than without the intervention. Results of this work is published in Radiology, and this work is also featured in the WashU News Room. The Chen team is the first to open the door for noninvasive and targeted diagnosis and monitoring of neurodegenerative disorders with focused-ultrasound-mediated liquid biopsy — congratulations for their amazing achievement!