Postdocs & Staff Scientists at Chen Ultrasound lab

Position Summary: Multiple NIH-funded Postdoctoral Research Associate and Staff Scientist positions are available in the Chen Ultrasound Lab located at the Medical School of Washington University in St. Louis. The mission of the Chen Ultrasound Lab is to develop innovative ultrasound techniques for improving the lives of patients with brain diseases. We are seeking candidates to work on multiple projects, including (1) Sonogenetics for noninvasive and cell-type-specific neuromodulation in small and large animal models; (2) Focused ultrasound-mediated drug and gene delivery techniques for brain disease treatment; (3) Combining ultrasound with liquid biopsy for the genetic diagnosis of brain cancer using focused ultrasound-enabled blood-based liquid biopsies. More information about each project can be found on our website

Why joining us? We believe that a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative team is essential for the success of our research. You will have the opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary team comprised of ultrasound engineers, radiologists, neurosurgeons, neuro-oncologists, and cancer biologists. You will have excellent growth opportunities, access to committed mentors, and mentored opportunities to apply for career development and research grants.

Required Qualifications: Individuals with a Ph.D. training in neuroscience, cancer biology, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, applied physics, or other closely related areas are welcome to apply. Research experience in ultrasound is NOT required. The ideal candidate will have an open mind with new ideas, a great passion for research, and a high level of self-motivation. Candidates must have demonstrated the ability to perform experimental work, publish papers, and work independently and collaboratively. Candidates must also demonstrate scientific communication skills and enthusiasm for interdisciplinary research and collaboration.

Salary and Benefits: The position comes with a competitive salary and a generous benefits package.

Application Method: The position is available immediately with a yearly renewable contract. Interested applicants should submit curriculum vitae to Dr. Hong Chen at