Focused ultrasound-mediated liquid biopsy detects biomarkers of neurodegenerative disorders

The Hong Chen lab is developing a noninvasive method for release and detection of biomarkers characteristic of neurodegenerative disorders. Tau proteins in the brain are characteristic of several neurodegenerative disorders, and the Chen Ultrasound lab, along with collaborators, have found that using focused-ultrasound-mediated liquid biopsy, a method known as sonobiopsy, in a mouse model released […]

Chen Ultrasound Lab receives R01 from NCI in collaboration with Dr. Eric Leuthardt

A total of $3.2 million fund is awarded to Drs. Leuthardt and Chen for five years in support of their clinical study of an ultrasound-mediated blood-based liquid biopsy technique for noninvasive molecular diagnosis of glioblastoma. Glioblastoma patients will be recruited to evaluate the feasibility and safety of this technique. Developing a noninvasive technique to diagnose […]

Dezhuang Receives Young Investigator Award & Bracco Women in Science Award

Dezhuang (Summer) Ye recently received the Young Investigator Award at the 8th International Symposium on Focused Ultrasound. This award recognizes outstanding research by scientists-in-training in the field of focused ultrasound. Dezhuang was awarded for her work on ultrasound enabled incisionless brain gene delivery and ultrasound manipulation of the glymphatic system. At the symposium, Dezhuang also […]

Chinwendu Chukwu Receives Poster Award at WashU’s BME PhD Retreat

Chinwendu (Chinwe) Chukwu received an “Early Stage” PhD Student award at WashU’s 2022 BME PhD retreat. This award was given to early-stage doctoral candidates who presented promising research during the retreat’s poster sessions. Congratulations to Chinwe on this wonderful achievement!

Chen Lab Develops Noninvasive FUS-Mediated Intranasal Delivery Method

Led by Dr. Dezhuang (Summer) Ye, the Chen lab recently developed a new method for delivering genes to the brain, called Focused Ultrasound-mediated Intranasal Delivery (FUSIN). Dr. Ye and her team recently found that the FUSIN-delivered genes had comparable or better outcomes than existing methods while minimizing systemic effects on other organs. Dr. Ye’s study […]

Yaoheng Yang Receives SfN’s 2022 Trainee Professional Development Award

Yaoheng (Mack) Yang has been selected as a recipient of a 2022 Trainee Professional Development Award (TPDA) from the Society of Neuroscience (SfN). This award is given to scientists who have demonstrated great merit and strength in their research. Congratulations, Mack, on this wonderful achievement!

Chen Lab Develops New Practical Method for Generating Airy Beams

Led by Zhongtao Hu, the Chen lab recently developed a unique technique for generating ultrasound waves that can self-bend. The team designed and 3D printed a flexible and versatile tool known as Airy beam-enabled binary acoustic metasurfaces (AB-BAMs) for ultrasound beam manipulation. They then demonstrated the capability of AB-BAMs in water, as depicted in the […]

Chen Lab Retreat 2022

The Chen Ultrasound Lab had an eventful past weekend as they journeyed to Ridgedale, MO for their annual lab retreat. During the retreat, lab members participated in team building activities such as hiking through Table Rock Lakeshore Trail, relaxing at Moonshine Beach, and participating in a science-themed trivia game night. The team has plenty of […]

Zhongtao Received Poster Award at The 2022 Gordon Conference

Zhongtao Hu received a Poster Award at the 2022 Gordon Conference on In Vivo Ultrasound Imaging. He presented on his design and 3D printing of the Airy Beam-enabled Binary Acoustic Metasurfaces (AB-BAMs). This tool enables flexible and versatile ultrasound beam manipulation, including a sharply focused, tunable, steerable beam, which is useful for various ultrasound applications. […]

WUSEF Students Join Chen Lab For Summer 2022

Two students, Natalia Alonzo (left) and Camila Maneiro (right), have joined the Chen lab for summer 2022. These undergraduate students are part of WashU’s Summer Engineering Fellowship (WUSEF) program, a program designed to encourage exceptional STEM students from underrepresented backgrounds to participate in engineering research. We are very excited to have Natalia and Camila this summer […]

Hong Chen Receives $750K To Develop Wearable Sensors

Dr. Hong Chen has received a three-year, $750,000 grant from the Office of Naval Research to fund research on the development of wearable ultrasound sensors for the detection of cavitation in human brain. To read more about this, please visit here. Congratulations to the Chen lab team on the new grant!

Congratulations Dr. Chris Pacia!

Dr. Chris Pacia defended his thesis in April and has successfully earned his PhD from WashU! Chris has been an invaluable member of the lab since he joined and he is very proud of the work he accomplished these past few years. Chris will begin his next chapter as an Associate Consultant at Triangle Insights […]

Outstanding Job by Chen Lab Members at 21st Annual ISTU

An overall six members of the Chen Ultrasound Lab were accepted to give oral presentations at the 21st Annual International Symposium for Therapeutic Ultrasound. Each member gave amazing presentations, either virtually or in person, and everyone enjoyed sharing about their wonderful accomplishments in the lab. Congratulations to Lu Xu and Kevin Xu for being selected […]

Postdoc opening in the Chen Ultrasound Lab at WashU!

Position Summary: Postdoctoral Research Associate positions are available in the Chen Ultrasound Lab at the Washington University in St. Louis. The mission of the Chen Ultrasound Lab is to develop innovative ultrasound techniques for improving the lives of patients with brain diseases. We are seeking candidates to work on multiple projects, including (1) Sonogenetics for noninvasive and […]

Yan’s paper on large volume brain drug delivery is accepted!

Yan Gong’s paper, titled “Comparison of sonication patterns and microbubble administration strategies for focused ultrasound-mediated large-volume drug delivery”, has been accepted by IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering. Her paper highlights optimal strategies for achieving efficient and homogeneous large-volume drug delivery at brainstem, thus providing guidance for future clinical application of FUS-mediated DIPG treatment. Congratulations to […]

Congratulations Chris on the BME Outstanding Dissertation Award!

Christopher Pacia was awarded the WashU BME Outstanding Dissertation Award. This award is presented to doctoral students who have achieved candidacy during their doctoral program and whose research exemplifies innovation and great significance in the field and society. Congratulations Chris and good luck in your post-graduation journey!

Zhongtao’s work is highlighted by WashU

Our work on developing a low-cost focused ultrasound device was highlighted by the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. We’re very excited to share our easy-to-use device that will reduce the barriers to adopting focused ultrasound. We expect that this device could be manufactured by research groups without ultrasound background and […]

Our work is 3 of the top news stories in BME WashU!

In 2021, major developments in BME are highlighted by the McKelvey School of Engineering. And over the past year, the top 10 news stories have included 3 of our reports! We’re very thankful to have this kind of impact at WashU and we’re excited to see what 2022 and beyond will bring. You can read […]

Welcome to our newest graduate students!

We’re excited to welcome the next cohort of graduate students to the Chen Ultrasound Lab, Chinwendu Chukwu and Siaka Fadera. They are both extremely smart and talented and we look forward to seeing their growth over the next few years. We’re glad to have you!